IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor

September 6, 2012

I was recently involved in a project which required us to up-scale our existing Cognos implementation. Our environment was setup as follows:

  • Server 1: Cognos Gateway and Application
  • Server 2: TM1 Server
  • Server 3: SQL Server 2008

We moved to a 8 server high availability solution setup as follows:

  • 2 Web Servers (load balanced by Cisco)
  • 2 Cognos application servers (Cognos Load balanced)
  • 2 TM1 Servers (one acting as a warm backup server)
  • 1 SQL Server 2008 Cluster (2 nodes)

As part of this upgrade, we also had to install and configure the TM1 Contributor and Web Client Cognos components. There was a requirement to load balance the TM1 contributor, in which IBM have the following document available: “TM1 Contributor Utilizing a Load Balancing Appliance.docx”

I was given this by IBM consultants who were on-site during the upgrade. I’m sure it’s readily available on the IBM site or from Cognos Support.

The document is well written and explains very clearly what needs to be done. The problem with these simple instructions are like most things in life, it is so simple that no-one has got it wrong before, or very infrequently, which basically means that no-one has much experience in troubleshooting any issues.

The problem we faced was that when navigating to the Contributor URL e.g. http://servername:8080/pmp_svc  it would return the following error:

‘Can’t find bundle for base name pmpsvc_strings, locale en_GB’

http 500 java exception cognos pmpsvc_strings

After spending the best part of a day trying to resolve it, countless emails back and forth to the IBM consultants and then finally raising a case with IBM Cognos support – nobody seemed to know how to solve this issue.



In the above mentioned document (page 7) there is a section which describes the changes required to the file pmpsvc_config.xml (as shown below), easy enough eh?!


Like I said, it’s the simple things that really catch you out. I swear by never copying code or text from word/outlook due to formatting issues, but here is a perfect example, where copying from the above and pasting into the pmp_svc_config.xml file (opened in notepad) – creates formatting issues.

pmpsvc_config service tag

Can you spot the difference in the above two examples? Yes? No?

Take a look at the quotes! Notice the formatting? See how in the second example they are more like straight lines. What the f$%k?!

Simple mistake yes. Embarrassing yes. But it does happen and it fooled many support persons for a couple of days. Hopefully this saves you time as there was not much out there in google. Thanks for reading.


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