No Icons displayed within IBM TM1 Contributor

October 29, 2012

I’ve recently installed and configured the Cognos TM1 contributor web component. I noticed that after logging into the application there were no icons being displayed. Comparing this with another TM1 contributor environment, I could clearly see that something was missing.

After re-checking all the installation steps and various configuration files I turned to google and yet I still could not find any answers.

In this example notice the icons displayed – this was taken on a TM1 contributor environment that was working as expected.

IBM TM1 Contributor

On the following screenshot, notice how they are missing and there is a warning on the IE status bar.

IBM TM1 Contributor

Clicking on the warning returns the following error which could send you on a futile search when trying to figure out what the problem is.

IBM TM1 Contributor warning

Turns out, the solution is rather simple. There is actually nothing wrong and the TM1 contributor web application behaves in this way when respective TM1 servers do not have any applications defined.

The following is a screenshot of how the TM1 architect looks when there are no applications, cubes, dimensions, processes or chores defined. If your TM1 Contributor is configured to read from this TM1 server you’ll get the no icons and warning until such a time that you create an application for that TM1 server.

IBM TM1 Architect

And the following screenshot, we can see the [+] sign next to each level which denotes that there are applications, cubes, dimension, processes and chores. If your TM1 contributor web application is configured to connect to this TM1 server you’ll see the icons and no warnings being displayed.

IBM TM1 Architect

Personally it’s pretty poor error handling and we could do with more meaningful error or warning messages, at the very least something like ‘no data available’ would be a lot more useful and possibly direct your troubleshooting efforts in the right direction.

Hopefully the above helps if you come across this particular ‘issue’.

Thanks for reading.


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