BCP – password prompt?

December 24, 2012

BCP is a very useful tool.

How and why we use it is explained in the following link and in BOL: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162802.aspx

I wanted to write about a small little issue that you may come across which can drive you up the wall. Below is a simple example, where I’ve launched the command prompt and run the following command which exports the contents of table testable to a csv file test.csv

bcp.exe TEST..TestTable out “d:\temp\test.csv” -c -t, -T -Slocalhost


Notice the password: prompt? Even though I’ve specified –T which tells the bcp utility to run using trusted authentication.

“- T specifies that the bcp utility connects to SQL Server with a trusted connection using integrated security. The security credentials of the network user, login_id, and password are not required. If –T is not specified, you need to specify –U and –P to successfully log in.”– Microsoft

What password? I’m using the service account which is a local windows administrator and a system administrator in SQL Server and I’m exporting to a local folder – so what f@ck3n! Password! Turns out that even though it’s prompting for a password, the real problem is actually the path that you are executing bcp from, in my case: c:\documents and settings\serviceaccount\

Press Ctrl + C to abort the above BCP command:


Type cd\ {enter}

and then change directory to the physical location of the bcp executable

cd program files\microsoft sql server\90\tools\binn

and now run the exact same command

bcp.exe TEST..TestTable out “d:\temp\test.csv” -c -t, -T –Slocalhost

BCP Success


It’s the kind of thing that can catch you out and waste more time that it really needs to. BCP is also a utility that you may not use very often so unexpected stumbling blocks like this can really stump you for a bit.

If you’re using the command prompt you may figure out the problem fairly quickly. However, in my case I was writing a stored procedure, using the code below, and when running the query it never completed or failed. It seemed to run forever. Sp_who2 showed no signs of blocking.

All along it was waiting for a password that would never be entered.


Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!


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